Certificate Program Resources

Certificate Program Resources:

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Cycle

Slides: SoTL Steps 1 & 2

Slides : SoTL Steps 3, 4, & 5

Handout: Seven Steps to SoTL

Categories for proposal submission to the original Lilly conference

Data Collection and Analysis

Designing and Administering surveys: slides and tips and advice handout .

How to write a good survey

Primer on Conducting Research , Ross Avilla, Psychology Faculty. More resources at ravilla.org

SATAL Program for data collection, analysis, and reporting

Statistical Analysis of Data & Video , Daniel Swenson, Math Faculty. -You can download and install "R" and then download and install "RStudio" (choose the "free" version).

Sample Size Calculator: Raosoft

Tomorrow's Professor 1554 posting: Mixed-Methods Research .

Poster Design and Presentation Practices

Designing an Effective Research Poster by UC Merced's own Justin Mathews

Good poster presentation practices from Eastern Michigan University

Creating a poster in Powerpoint 2010 from Eastern Michigan University

. Project Presentations Handout