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My instructor cares about my learning

(Sep) Preparation for meeting material: 

Sep 12 Meeting Minutes: link

12 Strategies for Communicating “Care” to Your Students

  1. Get to know the students’ names
  2. Use name tents so you can call on students by name (and learn names)
  3. Use the student’s name when communicating in Catcourses (e.g., giving feedback)
  4. Utilize a needs assessment or Getting-to-Know-You Survey at the beginning of the semester – incorporate information about the group/students into your lessons. (could use a clicker activity in-class and share results so students get to know the group) or a Qualtrics survey within Catcourse – then share results in class.
  5. Mandatory office hours within the first weeks of the semester (10-15 min).
  6. Virtual office hours – increasing availability
  7. Incorporate a short “break” in the middle of class – this allows students an opportunity to ask you questions.
  8. Ask for student participation from a particular part of the room. Rotate this throughout the class session.
  9. Indicate you would like to hear from someone who hasn’t yet shared in class.
  10. Provide prompt feedback (especially on the first assignments); personalize this and provide instructive/corrective feedback (i.e., point out something they did well and one way they can improve).
  11. Use the home page in Catcourses to post announcements and “resources” on campus if they need additional support.
  12. Establish “norms of communication” for onsite and online behavior at the beginning of the semester; state these positively (e.g., When entering the classroom, put your phone on vibrate; show respect for others; be responsible for your own learning and the learning of others; be on time and prepared for learning, etc.)