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Using the Course Syllabi

Many freshmen have never seen a syllabus and have no idea what it is or how to use it. Please find below a variety of ideas and co-curricular resources for helping your students learn to use the syllabus. To add your own technique or resource to the list below, contact Adriana Signorini.

Teaching Tips

  • Introduce the syllabus to your students, taking care to explain the purpose and how to read and use it. Follow this up with a quick activity to engage their new knowledge.

  • During your first class meeting have your students review the syllabus in small groups to identify questions they may have or to report back key take-home messages to the class.

  • Have your students read the syllabus as a homework assignment and give a brief quiz on it or ask them to submit a description of how the course learning outcomes support their academic or career goals.

  • Regularly revisit the syllabus with your students.

  • Create a table summarizing weekly activities and associated learning outcomes; have your students review this table at the end of each class to plan for next time.

Faculty Support Resources

Student Support Resources