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Faculty Academy Members

The faculty listed below are committed to sharing ideas and resources for supporting first-year students learning and success with their colleagues, both through their work in the Faculty Academy or interest in discussing first-year students teaching challenges and solutions. To initiate a conversation, consider the information below. Faculty in the certificate program are indicated in bold.

The Faculty Academy members invite you to join the effort by attending a meeting, sharing a resource, or offering a teaching tip you have found effective in supporting freshmen learning and academic success. Materials can be sent to Adriana Signorini and meeting times and locations are provided on the homepage.




Experience with TAs?

Teaching Freshman in a large classes.

Kara Ayik

Merritt Writing Program, Lecturer


Ross Avilla

SSHA, Psychology Lecturer



Camille Carvalho

SNS, Lecturer



Daniel Leung

SoE, Computer Sciences Lecturer

Yes Yes

Yolanda Pineda-Vargas

Foreing Languages, Spanish Lecturer


Keith Thompson

SNS, Math Lecturer



Jay Sharping

SNS, Physics Associate Professor



Cheryl Finley

Merritt Writing Program, Lecturer


Derek Merrill

Merritt Writing Program, Lecturer


Muey Saeteurn

SSHA, History, Assistant Professor



Patricia Vergara

SSHA, World Cultures, Assistant Professor


Angela Winek

Merritt Writing Program, Lecturer


Adriana Signorini

Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning


Somnath Sinha

SNS, Cal Teach Lecturer

Chin-Chun Chien


SoE, CS, Assistant Professor    

James Zimmerman

Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning



Sara Davidson Squibb Head, User Communication & Instruction