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Spring Semester Meetings

Faculty Academy on Teaching First-Year Students - Spring 2018

'Fostering a culture of inquiry about student learning'

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January 24th : COB2- 390
February 21st : COB2-390
March 21st : COB2- 290
April 18th : COB2- 290
May 9th : COB2-290

Lunch will be served.Students working together


The Faculty Academy on Teaching First-Year Students offers monthly learning opportunities through seminars as well as consultations throughout the academic year. This community of practice is open to new and returning, senior, and junior faculty teaching first-year students at UC Merced.

► During the Spring semester, seminars will address the following topics to engage faculty in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The meetings will be offered in collaboration with the library and the IRB office staff members.
During the spring meetings, participants will:
  • Identify and develop a classroom-based topic of interest
  • Craft research questions to explore that topic
  • Determine type(s) of data needed
  • Determine appropriate methods and analysis
  • Collect data, analyze data, write up results and conclusions
Give us a try! We will help you carry out your educational research faster with less stress and strain. Equally important, you will come away with resources that you can use in your teaching portfolios.

Questions? Ideas? Please contact

Adriana Signorini at
Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning,
Educational Assessment Unit
AOA 111| 209 228 4766

James Zimmerman at
Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning,
Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
AOA 113| 209 228 4761